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A Conversion Essay

In 2008, I was assigned to a large data conversion, from JDE to SAP.

This assignment was an eye-opener for me. Working with a number of consultants, as well
as with an in-house leadership team, this large, complex project ended up going very
smoothly. Prior to this experience, I did work on conversions. These types of projects were invariably
messy, hardship assignments.

I was so impressed with the way things went that I took notes on the processes, the methods,
what worked and what did not work. These notes quickly became a big stack to-do lists, that needed
a more organized format to become readable. Now in 2010, I am again going into a new JDE to SAP
conversion. An other opportunity to learn, to solidify these principles that worked so well the first time.

In a series of articles, I will describe my impressions, my progression in this project. My aim with this
technique, is to breakdown the process, not only in finite sets of ideas, but also in separate pieces
to read, each an individual article.

The Data Conversion Process: An Introduction
The Data Conversion Process: Team Composition