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The XREF suite of AS/400 Cross-Reference Commands

Download the XREF Suite of Commands NOW : XREF

TYLOGIX's Quick Find Cross-Reference Tool

In most investigations, the first questions that comes up are

- Where is this program used?

- What does this program call?

- Where is the source for this program?

The utility in this package answers all these questions. Here is how it works: The REFRESHALL program component refreshes the cross-reference database files necessary to answer these questions. It rebuilds the data files necessary for the cross-reference to function. This program will be re-run periodically to update the database as program and file changes occur.

The PGMREF command can be used to show what programs and what files are used by a given program. With one command, it will give a picture of what a program calls 5 levels deep.

The WHEREUSED command will instantly tell you which programs, in which library use a given object, file or program.

The FINDMEMBER command will tell you anywhere in the system where a file member name is present. This command is especially useful if you are searching for a lost source file. Both source physical files and regular physical files can be found with this utility.

If you find flaws or find ways to improve this package, do e-mail me at thibault.dambrine@tylogix.com.