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The DSPPRT Display Report Content Command Utility


The DSPPRT utility command is designed to give the flexibility for the user to see or print the content of a report.

The utility command simply needs to know the following items: The program name & library, the printer file it writes to and if the option is to display or print.

If the option chosen is to print the report, the report will behave as it normally would, being printed in an OUTQ. If it is to be displayed, the utility will grab the spoolfile and display it on the screen. Subsequently, it will delete the spoolfile just displayed.

Note: This utility is best suited for report programs that do not need parameters (if you need to include parameters, you can also take the code and modify it) and it is also best suited for "pure" reporting programs, ones that do not do any updating and that can be re-run without consequence to the data.