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The EXCSQL Structured Query Language Execute Command, courtesy of the iSeries Network

Download Execute SQL NOW : EXCSQL

EXCSQL was developped by Dan Riehl in October 97. It allows one to execute an SQL statement up to 550 characters long, right from a high level language program, without having to bother with Query Manager (QM).

This command should probably be part of the OS/400 operating system. The first time I used it was because of necessity: CPYF, even with a FROMKEY specification, is very slow compared to SQL, and SQL is powerful enough to do a lot of what CPYF does and then some - and then a lot more!

Query Manager has the ability to accept parameters, which can be blended into a QMQRY. EXCSQL uses this feature in an unusual way. It actually takes the parameter and uses it as the whole command variable.

Thanks to Penton Media and their editor, Mr. Wayne Madden, for permission to post this utility here.