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Thibault Dambrine maintains WWW.TYLOGIX out of Calgary, Alberta.

Tylogix started in 1999, with a 3-month contract with Shell Canada Limited to fix production accounting interfaces to an ERP system for Y2K.

This website was started in 2000.

You can contact Thibault Dambrine at

Past Experience:

IP Network and IT Architecture

ITIL and TOGAF Certifications, presentations at COMMON User Group

Conversion from JDE to SAP technical lead

Data Warehouse - power-use of SQL, ETL for large data sets

Communications and Interface Programming - APPC/APPN, FTP automation, Socket and C

Distribution, Manufacturing and Retail - RPG and CL Programming



Regular contributor to the Toronto User Group Magazine TUG News-Magazine

Former Board member of the Toronto User Group for Midrange Systems

Favorite Links:

Adventures of Action Item, Professional Superhero The title says it all! A site for all who are interested in the how's and why's of our every-day appliances