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Build .pdf documents for free with this shareware
There are no icons or visible desktop items from this install. This program only sets up an extra printer driver for you. After the installation, you should see a printer called PDF995 in your printers. If you see that printer you are set.

Open any document using Notepad, Word or any editor. Take the option print. Then Select PDF995 from your printer dialog box. Select Print. After 3-4 seconds another dialog box appears for a file name. Give any file name. You can select a folder as well.
That is it. Go look the directory/file name that you provided. You will find your converted document in pdf format.

PDF Unlock Online Utility
Online utility to unlock PDFdocuments. Very handy.

Convert PDF to WORD Document
Online utility to convert PDF to WORD - very handy. This particular site does a very good job with tables.

Project Management, PMI

Project Management Institute
To become PMI Certified, start here.


General Management Articles

Effective Performance Reviews by Thibault Dambrine - Published in MCPRESSOnline, December 2003
This article discusses effective performance reviews in the IT world.

In Search of Software Quality by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
This article gives an overview of software quality principles. The trend now is to have Quality Assurance staff operate as separate and distinct units from the Software Development but the testing principles are the same.

The Impact of OS/Platform Selection on the Cost of ERP Implementation, Use and Management by Meta Group
study on the total cost of ownership of operating systems environments (O/S) supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This study focuses on HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM OS/400, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows
2000 and Sun Solaris environments.

Winning Attitudes for Career Success by Matthew Williams, of CNC Global - Published in CIPS Magazine
This article gives a recruiter's perspective on what makes a career work.



Team Performance Measurment Spreadsheet - (Click this link for PREVIEW ONLY) by Justin Hookins
This spreadsheet, developed to measure progress and performance of large software building teams has been successfully used with many teams. Justin Hookins has just released it to the Public Domain.
Click this link to DOWNLOAD.