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Above and Beyond

On March 2, 2008, my father, André Dambrine, passed on. At his funeral, a speech he wrote and delivered to the graduating students of St Mary Magdalen School was read. It remains a message of hope.


Wednesday, June 17th, 1981.

Graduation Address at St Mary Magdalen School

Just a few words to you, boys and girls who have just finished Secondary II. You are now ready and well prepared, owning to your teachers, to enter Secondary III. Let us therefore, we parents and you kids, offer them our thanks for that preparation of love they have given you under Miss St-Denis.

Two thoughts for you tonight:

First: Never be discouraged. Always look above and beyond. As I have always said, a school is first teachers. I am sure they have built in you that capacity, that superior basis from where you will be able to look always above and beyond, however painful sometimes the circumstances and perspectives.

Second: Wherever you go, be positive, and contribute your uttermost. Then you will be best positioned to be listened to, to be respected and to help build the better world most of us want. Farewell, and all best wishes! And God bless all of you, I have done all I could, now has come the time for us to look beyond.

André Dambrine, January 29 1922 - March 2 2008

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