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"Tylogix" is the name of the company I have operated for 6 years, now all disolved, except for this website, born from this endeavor.

This website served and still serves as a one developer's portable point of reference, available wherever the Internet is accessible.



The networking pages on this site are very much a work-in-progress.

Tylogix Networking



Prior to networking, I worked extensively on ETL and conversion methods, developing strong reference points for SQL on IBM iSeries DB2, working with large data sets.

Tylogix SQL Q&A / Reference



Before this, I specialized in interface designs, starting with IBM's APPC/APPN over X.25 to FTP automation and C-Socket layer applications. The most popular page in this site was born from my FTP automation days.

Tylogix iSeries FTP Q&A



At the very beginning however, I fell in love with computing while working on IBM's S/38 and AS/400, which became the iSeries and eventually System I. Most of the Tylogix Downloads, iSeries Reference and iSeries News refer to software methods rooted in this most elegant operating system. My current other programming language interest is in Python, perhaps the topic of a future page on this site.

Tylogix Downloads


The reference portions of this site, FTP and SQL in particular, have grown significantly as a result of questions asked via e-mail, thus the Q&A pages. Through the research I had to do to reply to these questions, I too learned a lot.


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