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Use CLNRPG to remove old side comments by Thibault Dambrine

An RPG source Indent utility by Thibault Dambrine

A very simple UNIX Korn Shell menu by Thibault Dambrine

The RIGHTJ and LEFTJ Field Justification in File Commands by Thibault Dambrine

The REPCHAR Replace Character in File Command by Thibault Dambrine

The FNDDUPLF Find Duplicate Logical Files Command by Thibault Dambrine

The DBRPLUS Command Database Information Utility by Thibault Dambrine

The DSPPRT Command Display Report Program Utility by Thibault Dambrine

The UNPACKPF Command Database Utility by Thibault Dambrine

The new UNPACKPF + Sign Command Database Utility by Thibault Dambrine

The SUBSUMMARY Command Subroutine Summary Utility for RPG Programs by Thibault Dambrine

The XREF Suite of Cross Reference Utilities and Commands by Thibault Dambrine

A Binary Array Search Routine Example by Thibault Dambrine

The EXCSQL Command - Execute SQL Statements by Dan Riehl

The CHKLVLCHK Command - Check Level Checks by Martin Rowe

The MOVOUTQ Command - Move Outq by Martin Rowe

The FTP Exit Point Security Control Program Sample  by Alex Garrison

Anne & Herb's AS/400 Downloads by Anne & Herb

Link to News/400's CodePage400 Page  by News/400

AS/400 Journal Tips & Techniques by The AS/400 Journal

Help400.de Downloads Excellent variety of free downloadable commands

All downloads are deemed shareware source files. There are no warranties implied.

If you wish to share source files and utilities with other AS/400 professionals, please send your zip file package to TYLOGIX