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by Thibault Dambrine - Exclusively on TYLOGIX.COM

Apples and Oranges - A New Trend in Personal Computing Thibault Dambrine
An article about my experience with Virtualization on Apple.

Data Conversions - an Essay Thibault Dambrine
An essay with multiple components. This essay will be written between 2010 and 2012.

COMMON 2009: Where Next? Thibault Dambrine, Published June 2009 (Common Magazine)
Exploring the future of the IBM iSeries computing platform

Data Warehouse - Primary Concepts Thibault Dambrine, Published 2008 (Common Magazine)
A developer's perspective on Data Warehouse Methods

The Road to Conversion Thibault Dambrine, Published 2008/07 (TUG Magazine)
The critical value of clean legacy system data

Working with Multiple Tables in SQL Thibault Dambrine, Published 2008/01 (Systemi Network)
Joins are the Secret!

The Dollars and Sense of Quality Control Thibault Dambrine, 2007 (COMMON CONNECT)
How much is software quality worth to your company as a whole?

Maximize Software Development ROI With Quality Assurance Thibault Dambrine, 2007 (COMMON Presentation))
How quantify the cost of software quality: the 1-10-100 rule.

ITIL: The Trend for Principled IT Service Delivery Thibault Dambrine, Published in 2006 (COMMON CONNECT) Magazine)
In a nutshell, "ITIL 101".

iSeries SQL Programming: You've Got the Power! Thibault Dambrine, Published in 2005 (COMMON CONNECT Magazine)
SQL methods, interpreted and stored procedure implementation on iSeries.

iSeries Trigger Techniques Re-Visited by Alex Jayasundara and Thibault Dambrine, Published in 2005
An in-depth article on iSeries trigger processing, using DB2/400.

V5R3 CL Compiler Enhancements by Guy Vig, Senior Software Engineer at IBM
This article describes the highlights of the V5R3 CL Compiler improvements. Note that these improvements are also available on V5R2.

“SQL Tricks & Techniques for iSeries 400” Where’s the Beef? by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
Book Review for "SQL Tricks & Techniques for iSeries 400" .

FTP Automation and iSeries AS/400 FTP Q&A by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
A comprehensive article outlining the basics of how to automate FTP procedures on the AS/400. This article is also posted on the Toronto User Group Website and gets a lot of hits and reader mail.

Linux: The Key to iSeries Growth? by Thibault Dambrine - Published in COMMON.CONNECT Magazine, April 2004 This article is a market outlook for the iSeries and the effect Linux may have for this platform.

Effective Performance Reviews by Thibault Dambrine - Published in MCPRESSOnline, December 2003
This article discusses effective performance reviews in the IT world.

Exploring iSeries QSHELL by Thibault Dambrine - Published in iSeries News, December 2001
This article gives a brief tutorial and an example of what can be done in iSeries QSHELL, which is very similar to UNIX or Linux.

iSeries to UNIX: First Contact by Thibault Dambrine - To be published in 3 parts in the TUG Magazine, starting in March 2003
This article describes my transition from OS/400 to UNIX operating system, also gives a comparison of the two operating systems.

The case for iSeries and Thin Client Computing by Thibault Dambrine Published in the TUG Magazine
An article a project in which a green-screen application was converted to a GUI, thin-client enabled architecture model.

Linux on the iSeries - Are You Ready? by Thibault Dambrine Published in the TUG Magazine
An article outlining the author's experience with the Linux operating system and the prospects for Linux on the IBM lineup.

Tunneling Into the Internet:Understanding VPN's by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
A high level article outlining the basics of how VPN's work and the difference between different VPN technologies.

APPC communication Testing on the AS/400 by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
A concise outline of how APPC communications work on the AS/400. This article explores the techniques of testing APPC (LU 6.2) and straight-pipe (LU 0) communications on the AS/400 using INTRALINK devices and Controllers of type *LOCAL.

AS/400 Security Options by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
A high level view of all the exposures you may have when it comes to connecting your AS/400 with the Internet.

Y2K From the Trenches by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
Based on a Y2K assignment at a customer site, this article gives a step-by-step method to analyse the impact of file changes on the AS/400. While this method was used succesfully for Y2K changes, it can be applied without modifications in any impact-analysis job on the AS/400.

Trigger Techniques on the AS/400 by Thibault Dambrine, Published as "Trigger Happy on the AS/400!" in TUG Magazine - Published in iSeries News, September 1996
An introduction to trigger processing, using DB2/400.

The Data Warehouse: Dawn of a New Process by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine - Published in iSeries News, March 1997
A broad picture of how Data Warehouse technology works, of who uses this type of decision making instrument and how.

The "New & Improved" CHGPF by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
This article explores the new features of the CHGPF command.

Using C Functions in a RPG Program by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
This article describes the techniques of using C functions, written in proper C language, in your RPG code. An example using a random generator is used. So far, this is the most effective random generator I have worked with!

In Search of Software Quality by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
This article gives an overview of software quality principles. The trend now is to have Quality Assurance staff operate as separate and distinct units from the Software Development but the testing principles are the same.

Product Review: PKZIP for the AS/400 by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
This is a review, dating back to September 98, describing a product called PKZIP. Popular on the PC platforms for many years, the PKZIP compression utility developed by Phil Katz is now available on the AS/400. The AS/400 version is fully compatible with all other versions of the famous PK suite. If you are curious about the data compression techniques used in PKZIP, take a look at Part 2 of this article in PKZIP Data Compression Techniques.

The Stray Logical Landmines by Thibault Dambrine, Published in TUG Magazine
This article describes the effects of having uncontrolled logical files spanning files in foreign libraries. Techniques of detection and control are described.

The Impact of OS/Platform Selection on the Cost of ERP Implementation, Use and Management by Meta Group
study on the total cost of ownership of operating systems environments (O/S) supporting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). This study focuses on HP-UX, IBM AIX, IBM OS/400, Microsoft Windows NT, Microsoft Windows
2000 and Sun Solaris environments.

Step-by-Step Guide to setup Secure FTP on iSeries
by Merville Cumberbatch
This is all about what IBM does not tell you in a very easy or straight-forward way. Merville Cumberbatch has un-tangled the process of setting up secure FTP and has layed out the method in a few easy steps. First Published on Tylogix.com - April 2006

Midware Tips and Tricks by Midware Services Limited
Need a primer on RPG IV? ILE Techniques? Static Bindings? This site has a number of tips and techniques available on its Table of Contents page. Very well organized, explained and quite readable.

Winning Attitudes for Career Success by Matthew Williams, of CNC Global - Published in CIPS Magazine
This article gives a recruiter's perspective on what makes a career work.

Automate Your File Transfers Using FTP on the IBM i August 2009, By Thomas Snyder on MCPress Online
A more recent version of my own, seminal "Practical Programming for AS/400 FTP Automated Interfaces". Well written, with example code as well.

How to burn your DVD/CD ISO from a Windows environment Content from Fedora
Most useful tip sheet to burn a Linux distribution downloaded on a Windows PC

Cuba: A step back in time by Thibault Dambrine, Published in Canoe.ca - March 2005
This is my first venture in the non-technical world!

An Alaskan Cruise to Remember by Thibault Dambrine, Published in Canoe.ca - November 2005
Travel to Alaska, from Vancouver to Anchorage, via Ketchikan, Skagway, Juneau, Hoonah Bay, Seward, Talkeetna and Denali National Park.

Above and Beyond André Dambrine, my father, June 1981
A message of hope